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Safari Savvy's Lizard Lounge

6250 Seminole Blvd.

Seminole, FL 33772

Phone: 727.282.3924

St.Pete/ Tampa 

Creative writing is a valuable tool for children as it allows them to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings in a creative and imaginative way. It helps to improve their language skills, encourages critical thinking, and fosters a love for the written word. By engaging in creative writing activities, kids can expand their imaginations, develop their own unique voice, and build confidence in their writing abilities. Creative writing can  provide a means for kids to process and understand their emotions, leading to improved mental health and wellbeing. In today's technology-focused world, creative writing can be a refreshing and enriching break, providing kids with a chance to use their minds in a different and imaginative way.  

Writing with Snakes. is a creative writing workshop that uses the excitement of reptiles to ignite creativity, build vocabulary, and develop writing structure.  

March 8, 2023

Time: 5-7pm

Ag​es 8-12

Cost $25​

Includes: Notebook, Light Snacks and Drinks, and hands on interactions with reptiles.

Scales and Tails' Lizard Lounge

804 S. Bay Street

Eustis, FL 32726

Phone: 352-531-9761

Central Florida