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Apply Now to Participate as

a Presenter in the 2023 RYA Research Conference

Reptiles and amphibians face unique conservation challenges when compared to other animals. Profound social and cultural barriers result in high rates of persecution, less public support for conservation, and less priority in regards to research, attention, and funding. Furthermore, herpetofauna continue to decline in number with researchers now estimating that over 40% of the world’s studied amphibians (IUCN, 2018) and ~20% of studied reptiles are threatened with extinction worldwide.

The purpose of the Reptile Youth Alliance is to bring attention to problems such as habitat destruction, pollution, and human-wildlife conflict that complicate the efforts to protect herpetofauna and their habitats. The Reptile Youth Alliance is a national group of passionate young reptile enthusiasts that are provided an opportunity to connect with peers, mentors, learn about herpetofauna, their habitats, and how we can work together to increase conservation support for reptiles and amphibians among the public.

Through the annual Reptile Youth Alliance Research Conference, hundreds of the nation’s students are challenged to go beyond their classroom studies to do independent project-based research. They work independently or in teams to address questions in the field of herpetology, a branch of zoology that deals with the study of reptiles and amphibians. 

Why Enter the RYA Research Conference?

  • Students have an opportunity to present their work to the public and other students
  • All participants receive a commemorative pin and certificate.
  • First place, Second place, and Honorable Mention merit prizes are awarded by RYA for projects in the Junior and Senior Divisions.
  • Selected Grand Prize recipients are awarded and opportunity to study alongside respected scientists and herpetology research experts 
  • Chance to interact with reptiles from around the world in unique hands-on educational workshops

    Opportunity to learn from experts in fields such as herpetology, biology, and zoology

    Make important connections with mentors 

    who have made significant achievements in their academic and career lives, who are mindful of their integrity, and have a story to share

    2023 RYA Research Conference Presenter Application

    Complete this form and press the Submit button at the bottom to apply to be a presenter at the 2023 Reptile Youth Alliance Research Conference. 

    Deadlines (all details):

    The FINAL deadline for RYA pre-approval is July 10, 2023.

    The FINAL deadline for other projects is July 12, 2023.

    A student may participate in only one project.

    Project Title: *

    Student #1/Team Leader First Name:*

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