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2023 RYA Research Conference Presenter Application

Complete this form and press the Submit button at the bottom to apply to be a presenter at the 2023 Reptile Youth Alliance Research Conference. Once your information has been accepted, you will get an email with a required forms to be filled out and instructions on how to complete the application process. 

Deadlines (all details):

The FINAL deadline for RYA pre-approval is May 30, 2023.

The FINAL deadline for other projects is June 25, 2023.

A student may participate in only one project.

Project Title: *

Teacher Contact Name: *

Teacher Email Address:

Student #1/Team Leader First Name:*

Student #1/Team Leader Last Name:*

Student #1/Team Leader Email Address:*

Student #1/Team Leader Phone:*

Student #1/Team Leader School Name:*

Student #1 Grade Level *

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Parent/Guardian's Home Phone Number:*

Parent/Guardian's Email Address: *

Will you be presenting an Individual project or team? *

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